Ultra was developed from words of a person, who said "I wish if there was a necklace without clasps" After many trials, Ultra with Gold was manufactured.

Ultra color series was produced after, with the concept of enjoying ultra with cheaper prices.

The golden Ultra, our foundation, has expanded into many materials and sizes, and will there be many more.

Our ULTRA COLOR series is a colorful series of magnetic fashion accessory which does not require any clasp.

The ULTRA COLOR series is 100% made in Japan. It is available in different materials ranging from Rayon, Polyester and Artificial Leather with several snake motifs.

Magnetic necklace helps to alleviate pain from upper region of the body.

It is used to treat neck pain, frozen shoulder, headache and migraine.

Magnetic necklace improves the flow of oxygen in the upper area and helps to control blood pressure.


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